Hi, my name is German and I do web-development.

This is my second blog, previous one died during migration – maybe someday I will restore posts from there. I am not a regular blogger, but from time to time I get an urge to publish something. Most often it’s about web-development, but I am also interested in other topics – not gonna impose any restrictions on content. Let’s see where this goes.

I am programming since I was 12 years old. Back then it was Turbo Pascal and, for unknown reason, assembly language – I probably thought it was cool back then, but it really wasn’t. Still feel bad that I didn’t pick C++ when I had a choice, I think I would be in a totally different place if I picked it instead. For the last 18 years I am a web-developer, mostly in PHP+MySQL. I am a big fan of Python, Ruby, interested in Node.JS with Coffee-script – I prefer it’s syntax over native Javascript.

Currently working as a head of a development team. This role includes plenty of responsibilities – I keep changing ‘hats’ during the day: a little bit of DevOps, little bit of development, little bit of software architecture, a lot of management. Basically anything that needs planning ends up with me eventually. I would say this is more of a project management role currently.

Ok, that’s about it. If you want to know more about me – ask me, either in the comments or over email/twitter (@nev3rm0re).